Why Buy or Sell on ‘FLY MARKET’

If you are interested in Buying or Selling anything Aviation, this is where you start

Please post your needs to us by reply post, and we will format that need and post it to our Fly Market

COSTS: we have been offering this as a free service for over three years now; of course, in time there will be a charge, but luckily for you; posts to ‘Fly Market’ are still free until Christmas 2010

After that, we will review our policy based upon increasing costs


5 Responses to “Why Buy or Sell on ‘FLY MARKET’”

  1. HERVEY BAY GA & RAA Maintenance, CASA & RAA Approval. Why not tie your 100 hrly up with a weekend on the Fraser Coast?
    Fraser Coast Aircraft Maintenance PL

    • russ golding
      our standard rule is “no advertising” as The Virtual Flying Club is a non-commercial venture

      but seeing you were bold enough to post the ad; let’s see where it goes

      if we get a plethora of enterprising service providers; unlike yourself, we will begin to make a small charge to cover the costs of website development and hosting; which we are currently covering ourselves

      tony h

      post your mobile phone number also; and I will include that too

  2. Wanted
    Rotax 618 cylinder
    believe that front and rear cyclinders are the same; until otherwise notified

  3. Unfinished modified gyrocopter, Benson style, needs tail rudder, engine and prop, rotorblades to complete, all brandnew undercarriage suspension and seat tank. Sell for cost, need money $2150.Also have Factory Turbo/injected EA81 Suby engine very low KS with new ring kit,reground and balance crank,dismanteld sell for cost,$1600.Also have damaged tall tail for free to repair.

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