History of ‘The Virtual Flying Club’

Dear email recipient of The Virtual Flying Club
It is now ten years that we have been actively keeping the Aviating Dream alive in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales
Over the years we have accumulated over 500 loyal aviating recipients to our monthly email-out
But in recent times with the proliferation of spam and the necessary improvements in spam-busting software; it has been increasingly more difficult getting the monthly message out
Eventhough AEROCLUB.COM.AU has been running almost as long as The VFC; we have concentrated on a selecte audience that doesn’t necessarily overlap AEROCLUB.COM.AU
So, as a result, we are experimenting with a couple of differing website platforms;
Experimenting is the key word; because we are starting with an analogue mind in a digital world; so it is important for us to not take the one big unknown step; but to slowly meld analogue and digital together
So please bear with us; and follow us on this Virtual Aviating Adventure as we start out with     https://thevirtualflyingclub.wordpress.com
Come with us; assist us; post to us from the site with your most recent
Let’s get up there together
Tony and The Virtual Flying Club team

2 Responses to “History of ‘The Virtual Flying Club’”

  1. Hi Tony, Have appreciated your efforts over the years and look forward to still being informed of the flyins that take place.

    Bruce Layt South East Queensland Gyroplane Club.

  2. Thanks Tony, always improving and always interesting……..cheers Rod R

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