03/ MARCH 2012

10 – 11 MARCH 2012 BANGE@CLIFTON (iconic) CLIFTON ANNUAL FLYIN / a premier attraction for all types of aviation in south east queensland / vintage/ veteran/ ultralight/ homebuilt/ recreational/ sport/ GA / arrive late saturday 10 march for BBQ/ drinks / FLY IN or DRIVE IN or JUST DROP IN on field camping/ so bring your swag/ pls advise for catering contact trevor bange trevorbange@bigpond.com OR 0429 378 370

24 – 25 MARCH 2012 WATTS BRIDGE (YWSG) “KEEP IT IN THE BOX’ WEEKEND / aerobatic practice in the box contact steven hudson 0432 822 182/ brendan scilini 0418 719 396/ tracy hearne 0419 715 332

31 MARCH – 01 APRIL 2012 PORT MACQUARIE (YPMQ) PORT MACQUARIE FLY IN & FLY & SPY HDFC (hastings district flying club) / all aviators invited to Port Macquarie for a weekend of aviation fun and fellowship / saturday you are invited to participate in our Fly & Spy fun observation trial / food and drink available all day / welcome/presentation dinner held in clubhouse saturday night / we aim is to promote aviation activity the Hastings area contact Rod Davison roddi194@yahoo.com.au OR 02 6585 3835 OR www.hdfc.com.au


~ by myaircraft on 20 February 2012.

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