FLYMARKET/ Buy or Sell/ February 2012

  • the VIRTUAL FLYING CLUB newsletter classifieds strictly for all things AVIATION that you may want to SELL OR BUY
  • Q. HOW you may ask ? A. simply reply to us with your Aviation Saleables and they will be Listed for the following three months
  • Q. HOW much does it cost ? A. FREE at the moment
  • Q. has the VFC FLYMARKET has been successful for you ? A. then why not tell them
    email us with description, price, and your details to and listing is free for three months only (no pictures will be posted)
  • 02/12    FOR SALE- DECATHLON 8KCAB/ VH-MCM/ AEROBATIC AIRCRAFT VH-MCM is being offered FOR SALE 160hp AEIO-320 Lycoming/ hartzell constant speed (fresh overhaul) METAL SPAR WINGS SUPERFLITE COVERING WARBIRD COLOURS LEATHER UPHOLSTERY ETR    1100 HRS    (2005 OVERHAUL) PTR    2000 HRS    (FRESH OVERHAUL) contact tony hanlon
  • 01/12    FOR SALE- DELCOM VHF AIRBAND RADIO delcom 960 radio/ suitable for in-dash installation/ just add power and aerial guaranteed alive $180 contact peter bugg OR 0419 348 288 OR 0427 123 802
  • 11/11    FOR SALE- KING K 76A TRANSPONDER K 76A transponder with altitude encoder and aerial guaranteed alive $950 contact peter bugg OR 0419 348 288 OR 0427 123 802
  • 10/11    FOR SALE- ALTITUDE ENCODER altitude encoder/ guaranteed alive $195 contact peter bugg OR 0419 348 288 OR 0427 123 802
  • 09/11    FOR SALE- KING KT76A TRANSPONDER KT76A transponder/ with tray be seen when you need to be/ guaranteed alive $695 contact peter bugg OR 0419 348 288 OR 0427 123 802
  • 08/11    FOR SALE- DC7 STARTER MOTOR a rare starter in operating condition for DC7 is worth about $2000 to $5000 to a person/company involved in restoring old aircraft open to any offer over $2000 contact    Peter    OR    Mobile 0411 594 585
  • 07/11    FOR SALE- SONERAI 2- AEROBATIC SPORT PLANE PROJECT Sonerai 2 formerly raaus registered 19-0826 re-engine project stated 9 years ago/ originally had VW installed/ but fuselage modified to take Jabiru mount without damaging the VW mounts two zero hour engines come with project/ 1835 VW and factory recon(2001) Jabiru 2.2/ nearly complete Jabiru FF kit/ VW motor mounts/ three cowls, VW, Jabiru kit and Rotax two VW props and a Sweetapple Jab prop/ undamaged when motor removed/ undercover since located Longreach YLRE $30000 ono contact    lyle    OR    0428 621 724
  • 06/11    FOR SALE- tim powell’s JABIRU J-200/ concours condition built 2003/ 280HRS TT ENG & A/F/ one owner builder/ nil accidents/ 125 kt @ 20 lph/ solid lifters still in pristine concours condition/ always hangared since new/ heavy hauler awards held/ best of breed narromine show/ best of breed cowra SAAA show/ best home built fabiru factory award/ multi awarded poeples choice/ a beloved drifter has been stealing the drifter’s attention $89000 ono contact tim powell for finite detail and pictures
  • 02/11    NEW FUEL@ WATTS BRIDGE YWSG WATTS BRIDGE has installed a NEW Visa/ MasterCard operated fuel system @ Watts Bridge now it is not just for the elite few BUT all of you central to aviation in south east queensland NO EXCUSES FOR RUNNING SHORT ON FUEL NOW (thanks to liz and crew at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield)
  • 01/11    AVGAS LL100- NOW AVBL GYMPIE (YGYM) we accept CASH/ MASTERCARD/ VISA/ CASHCARD MOBIL 100LL AVGAS  on field thanks to Gympie Aero Club goto contact phone numbers on fuel farm fence    OR    mac    0412 180 794    OR mike    0418 882 175
  • 23/10    FOR SALE- GARMIN 695 GPS MAP/ BRAND NEW GARMIN GPSMAP 695 Pacific database brand new still in box includes Yoke Mount/ 240V charger/ battery/ GPS antenna/ 12V cigarette lighter lead/ PC lead/ manual/ waypoint software $2,700 ono located YMYB contact    doug b    OR    0407 138 650
  • 22/10    SOLD- STREAK SHADOW ULTRALIGHT thanks for listing my Streak on the Virtual Flying Club I have now sold it so many thanks for your help thanks    barry
  • 20/10    FOR SALE- AERO PUP TWO SEATER Aeropup two seater/ 19-5206/ 190 hr TTAE/ jabiru 4 cyl 85 HP lame owned, built and maintained/ 90 kts econ cruise/ 16 LPH/ 96 litres in wings quick fold wing system for easy trailering and budget hangarage/ large luggage compartment always hangared/ award winning build and finish $ 59,000 located YCAB contact steve d for details and photos    OR    0421 603 175
  • 19/10    FOR SALE- AIRCRAFT PARTZ nos POSA carburettor $195/ swr meter $85/ slick magneto (as removed from O-200) $100/ BAK manual for GA $15/ new GA55 Lightwing cowls $90 contact warren 07 41 262 224    OR
  • 18/10    FOR SALE- JABIRU factory built may 2009/ 90hr TT/ option 4 instrumentation/ dynon EFIS D100A avmap GPS/ 2 x microair radios/ transponder/ analogue engine gauges red flasher beacon/ landing light/ leather upholstery/ booster seats/ wheel spats adjustable rudder pedals/ lightspeed zulu headsets/ reflections red/black striping factory warranty valid until may 2011/ suit new aircraft buyer/ original cost $114k immediate sale $103k ono/ immediate delivery contact douglas field    OR    0407 572 754
  • 17/10    FOR SALE- GYRO/ SPARROW HAWK SPARROW HAWK factory modified RAF 2000 Engine EJ22/ TTIS 134 HRS/ all ADs signed off standard panel instruments/ bendix king vhf/com/ builtin VOR full logbook history/ EXCELLENT CONDITION $50,000 negotiable Contact Ken Wright  0407 119334    OR
  • 16/10    FOR SALE-  JABIRU LSA reg 55-3705 factory built/ ex-flying school/ average condition/ always hangared. LAME maintained TTAF 2540hrs/ TTE 1265hrs/ 735hrs to overhaul/ top end 300hrs ago/ solid lifters microair VHF/ transponder/ flies well/ light and easy/ new control cables new main gear legs/ new tires/ J120 brakes $42,000 or offer/ located YBUD contact OR    0434 082 023    OR    0420 750 710
  • 15/10    FOR SALE- UNFINISHED MODIFIED GYROCOPTER unfinished  modified gyrocopter/ benson style/ needs tail rudder/ engine and prop/ rotorblades to complete all brandnew undercarriage suspension and seat tank sell for cost/ need money $2150 also have Factory Turbo/injected EA81 Suby engine very low k’s with new ring kit/ reground and balance crank/ dismanteld sell for cost/ $1600 also have damaged tall tail for free to repair contact peter bice
  • 13/10    FOR SALE- COLLISION AVOIDANCE SYSTEM- MiniOz Flarm MiniOz FLAM-NAV Combo Kit kit includes/ miniOZ Flarm engine/ FlarmNav 2 1/4″ panel mounted display GPS antenna/ wideband remote mounting Flarm Antenna all required cables and installation instructions $700 contact john    OR    07 5485 2506
  • 12/10    FOR SALE- THOMAS PHILLIPA TP3/ LOW WING MONOPLANE aircraft designed by Thomas Phillipa/ plans built Jodel style fuselage/ wings 3 x 2″ spars/ raf section/ 4 foot chord flying characteristics like Cherokee 140/ endurance 3 hrs plus reserve two people and full fuel 500 to 600 fpm/ one up will see 1000 fpm I have 105 trouble free hours on it. There are others in various stages of build around the place but at the moment this is the only one flying contact john sims OR 0428 621 299
  • 11/10    FOR SALE- AUSTFLIGHT DRIFTER/ 503 WIRE BRACED Ausflight drifter/ excellent condition/ wire braced 503 rotax/ 150hrs on engine since new/ airframe completely refurbished 60 hrs ago/ including new skins and two pack paint/ long range belly tank/ micro avionics helmets/ headsets/ intercom/ icom radio $19,900 fly away contact john sims    OR    0428 621 299
  • 10/10    FOR SALE- TP3 LOW WING AIRCRAFT/ CONTINENTAL 0-200 POWERED (NOW THAT’S REAL ENERGY) TP3.   Low wing 2 seat side by side. Contential 0-200 engine bulk stripped 106 hrs ago/ 100kt cruise at 2350 rpm/ wooden construction with full ply covering/ very nice flying characteristics/ radio/ intercom/ no headsets contact john sims    OR    0428 621 299
  • 09/10    FOR SALE- AVIATION BITZ & PIECES / E L T  Aerial brand new    $60 / 2 X VHF  aerials/ working when removed    $30 ea OR    2 for $50 / 2 X Lifejackets/ inspected 08/09 passed OK    $180 / Garmin GPS Hand-held     brand new    $150 / head-sets/ (getting on) but working OK    $60 pair / ADF 400 R446A/ (all accessories) working OK    $500 / ADF 300 R546E/ (all  accessories) working OK    $400 contact allan dalrymple    OR    0412 882 711
  • 08/10    FOR SALE- PIPER PACER 1951 MODEL- THE OLDEST & MOST ORIGINAL IN AUSTRALIA PIPER  PACER 1951  No. 137 oldest  &  most  original  in  the  country recent paint/refurbish/ leather  interior/ basic instruments/ Icom 200A/ TPX/ A/F  TT 3200 hrs/ ETR  815 hrs/ PTR 1720 hrs/ recent annual lots  of  DOLLARS  spent haggling  starts  at  $43,500 contact allan dalrymple    OR    0412 882 711
  • 05/10    GYPSY ENGINE MAGNETOS/ BTH LEFT AND RIGHT BTH magnetos for Gipsy engines/ both BTH left and right at only $1000 each contact    ray vuillermin    OR    0409 584 574 OR    07 3289 4292
  • 04/10    WATTS BRIDGE (YWSG) AIR CHALET SITE/ SOLD many thanks from tony and cheryl
  • 02/10    WATTS BRIDGE (YWSG) HANGAR LEASE SITE (HACB) DOUBLE- AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY WATTS BRIDGE    HANGAR SITE    HACB (double) this hangar size may require either fire protection to be divided into two separate hangars 40x20m  = 800 m2  (130x65ft) annual rent $1955.15 Access to taxiways on both ends Leases  until 2023, with a thirty year option to follow size of private hangar site is such that a single hangar may a require firewalls or fire protection/ options to consider are two separate hangars $20,000 contact    ray vuillermin    OR    0409 584 574 OR    07 3289 4292
  • 01/10    WATTS BRIDGE (YWSG) HANGAR LEASE COMMERCIAL SITE (CHBF)- AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY WATTS BRIDGE    COMMERCIAL SITE    CHBF 20m x 42m  = 840 m2 ( 138x65ft) annual rent  $2639.55 Front on to cross runway Back onto road Separated by lane on one side from adjoining hangar Electricity connected Leases  until 2023, with a thirty year option to follow $20,.000 contact    ray vuillermin    OR    0409 584 574 OR    07 3289 4292
  • 18/09    SYNDICATE SHARE- FOXBAT A22 long running syndicate based at Caboolture has share available in Foxbat A22 Factory built 912/ 100 hp share price is $6000 ono applicants must have minimum 70 hours in command contact mark    OR    0411 422 809
  • 7/09    FOR SALE- FISHER MK ONE (DRIFTER CLONE (not so)) FISHER MARK ONE for sale in the July RAAus mag for $24k 5 years old/ 280hrs/ as tidy as a newbie contact travis hunt
  • 16/09    IN SEARCH OF: a STEPHEN MARSH Brian Marsh advises that he has not seen his brother in over twenty years he believes that his brother Stephen (steven) may be involved in Ultralight Aviation somewhere in Queensland
    Steven, if you or your friends read this, you can contact your brother Brian on 03 5579 1304 OR if you do not wish to contact him OR prefer to remain anonymous, you may leave a short message with mikecharliemike on 0408 726 451 /
  • 12/09    ENGINE COWLS- CITABRIA/ DECATHLON American Champion Aircraft/ Bellanca/ Citabria/ Decathlon TOP & BOTTOM COWLS in very straight condition/ painted in white and red two pack finish always handy to have a spare set in the lockup/ OR perfect for your Experimental Project Aircraft reduced to $ 800 contact tony hanlon
  • 09/09     SOLD- TECNAM ECHO SUPER Tecnam Echo Super
  • 07/09   SOLD- HIMAX ULTRALIGHT my mimax has now been sold thanks for your help with running the advert
  • 05/09   SOLD- MY AUSTER J5 PROJECT-  GONE TO A NEW OWNER many thanks    john
  • 01/09    WANTED- GARMIN 296 (new OR serviceable) Baz is looking for a new OR serviceable GARMIN 296 so for all those aviators who are upgrading to the new GARMIN 696, here is an offer you can’t refuse contact baz
  • 40/08    FOR SALE- NERA WORLD PHONE Nera World Phone/ dial-up telephone, facsimile and data networks via INMARSAT satellite/ includes battery pack Never Be Out of Range ever again, on your aviating travels contact ian poyitt
  • 37/08    VW TYPE ONE PARTS VW type one parts / Bosch Scintilla Magneto OXP4  402Z complete with harness and 8 shielded plugs $500.00 / Slick Magneto 4216 Lag 25 Rot R rev D complete with harness, drive couplings and mounts $400.00 contact john innes    OR    0417 643 610
  • 34/08    WANTED- JABIRU ENGINE ONLY have you got a JABIRU 2200 engine only ???????????? engine must be serviceable/ please advise whether NEW or OVERHAULED/ TOTAL TIME and TBO contact derek at  or 0428 988 662
  • 33/08    McCAULEY CONSTANT SPEED PROP (FULL LIFE) FULL LIFE 2 blade B2D34C220 w/- LOG BOOK Suit 180/200HP Lycoming $2,500 ( hey, that’s great value ken ! ) contact ken bakker    OR    07 3268 3505
  • 22/08    DELCOM 960 VHF AIRBAND RADIO- FOR SALE DELCOM 960 VHF AIRBAND RADIO with panel mount (fits standard instrument hole) $240    money back guarantee contact peter bugg
  • 21/08    CHALLENGER II ULTRALIGHT- FOR SALE FOR SALE- Challenger II Ultralight(not piper) built in 2000/ 110 hrs TT flown/ 55kt plus cruise/ 17 litres per hour/ hirth 55hp engine/ ivo prop 3 blade/ two seats/ GPS/ icom A22/ intercom and headsets/ dual EGT/CHT/ tacho/ digital fuel flow/ carby temp/ ASI/ ALT/ dual ignition/ electric and manual start good condition inside and out./ always hangared/ located close to melbourne $27,000 offers invited/ owner moving overseas contact kim    OR     0418 100 028
  • 10/08    NEW CLUB FORMED IN DALBY (YDAY) AREA llew day of Dalby has formed a Club to utilise newly established private airfield “GRAVEL RIDGE AIRFIELD” approximately 45ks west of Dalby 27*1958.24 S 150*5231.64 E  Elv 1190 ft owner to donate site for a club hanger/ free tiedowns/ 1000 metre gravel strip/ power and water contact llew day    OR    07 4668 2174    OR
  • 06/08    DYNAMIC PROP BALANCER- Dss MICRO twin vibrator model suitable for light aircraft and helicopter calibrated and in new condition/ excellent value at $1,600 contact rod    0404 198 662
  • 13/07   FOR SALE- ZODIAC 601HDS (must sell due to that jabiru) TRICYCLE GEAR ZODIAC 601HDS/ YELLOW IN COLOUR chris heintz designed/ robust aircraft/ just the way you like ’em RAM  EA81 subaru engine/ fuel injected/ dual ign/ 290 TT amath timber prop/ wheel pants/ sight fuel gauges/ electric trim on ailerons and elevator dual wing tanks/ header tank/ nav and position lights/ strobes/ electric AH/ analog altimeter/ vortex generators wing & tail/ analog VSI/ icom VHF and transponder/ two place intercom/ finished aircraft had 290 hours TT in the USA REDUCED TO    $ 24,000 AUD (ron needs the storage space) contact  ron steelframe
  • 10/05    AVGAS LL100- NOW AVBL GYMPIE (YGYM) we accept CASH/ MASTERCARD/ VISA/ CASHCARD MOBIL 100LL AVGAS  on field thanks to Gympie Aero Club goto contact phone numbers on fuel farm fence    OR    mac    0412 180 794    OR mike    0418 882 175
  • 10/01    WANTED- CAC BOOMERANG/ WIRRAWAY/ CERES PARTS interested in hearing of any CAC Boomerang/Wirraway/Ceres parts for a Boomerang restoration project contact ken baker    OR 07 5485 5050
  • 09/02    FULL LOTUS AMPHIBIOUS FLOATS Full Lotus Amphibious Floats Retractable undercarriage/  Steerable nose wheels/  Twin retractable water rudders complete with fitting instructions/  instruction manual/  spare bladders Good condition/  Under half new price at $5,500 07 34152286 P O Box 38 Dunwich 4183 contact barrie sigley    OR    07 3415 2286
  • 07/02    WANTED- CESSNA 185F CHILD SEAT with an expanding  family, Ron C. requires a Child Seat for his CESSNA 185F contact ron creed    OR     07 4934 6535, 0408 346 536
  • 02/01 WANTED- ICOM VHF AIRBAND HAND HELD RADIO ICOM hand held model A2 / A20/ A21 only would consider A22/ A3/ A4/ or A5 only at the right price any condition considered; preferably serviceable; name your price contact wayne on
  • 12/01    ” OLD BAR AIRSTRIP – HISTORY IN BRIEF ” Copies of the book “Old Bar Airstrip – History in Brief” are available for sale Old Bar Airstrip is over 75 years old and this book, which is one means of raising funds to help keep the airstrip maintained by a volunteer management committee, makes for interesting reading  for anyone with an interest in aviation Cost per copy is $10 plus postage All enquiries may be made to:  Old Bar Heritage Airstrip Management Committee, Honorary Secretary Tony Ryan contact tony ryan OR ring him on 0427 712294 for technophobes AND stamp collectors postal enquiries may be made to Old Bar Heritage Airstrip Management Committee. C/- Hon Sec Tony Ryan, 6 Rosella Drive WINGHAM NSW 2429
  • 08/02    FOR SALE- WATTS BRIDGE HANGAR CHALET SITES/ COMMERCIAL HANGAR SITES/ HANGAR SITES at last Watts Bridge leases are stamped and registered; adding greater security to your long term aviating investment so whether you are an aviating day visitor, OR a member of any of the Home Base Groups who enjoy the Brisbane Valley there is something at Watts Bridge for every aviator
    JOIN A HOME BASE GROUP TODAY QUEENSLAND ULTRALIGHT ASSOCIATION     contact richard faint CABOOLTURE GLIDING CLUB    contact lindsay mitchell SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND GYRO CLUB    contact bruce layt AUSTRALIAN AEROBATIC CLUB    contact steve hudson QUEENSLAND VINTAGE AEROPLANE GROUP AEROMODELLING go to and invest in Queensland’s aviating future (and yours too)

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